The lemon that we want you to know is the result of an ameliorative genetic mutation of an old clone of Citrus, which we discovered by chance in our farm called Sperone (situated in the province of Siracusa, which is 4 kilometres away from the sea of the Agnone’s bay). The soil of the acreage is composed of a medium mixture of alluvial sediment in the lower part. This is transformed into sandy soil in the upper part of the land’s company (which is settled down to 65 meters above the sea level). In this small area, that covers about 65 Ha and is known to be free from hard frost, we found the ideal climate for the cultivation of our citrus fruits. It allows us to produce this type of lemon that differs from others for several reasons: it’s seedless, its juice yield is certified by 43 percent and it has an intense color that will amaze you. You definitely need to try and taste its flavor to understand its unique difference.

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