In our case the validity of Lavoisier’s Law of Conservation of Mass “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”, has found once again a full confirmation.

In 2006, we began to see the first plants (infected with sadness) lose vigor and die. In order to save the existing trees, we decided to gradually graft again all the plants using lemons. It is known in fact that lemon is the only example of a citrus fruit which grafted on a sour orange makes it tolerant to such pathology. Since there are many clones of lemon, you’ll understand how hard and meticulous our search for the most appropriate lemon clone has been. We’ve been reproducing ten different types of lemon which had several different features. Luckily, among the plants we grew, there was an ameliorative bud mutation. It represented a new starting point for our work which results today in this unique and special fruit that we’re pleased to offer to you.

Analisi – Il Limone del Barone


1. Seedless

Our lemon is seedless!

2. Juice 43%

The juice yield is certified by 43 percent. 

3. Color and flavor

Its intense color and preservability will amaze you. You definitely need to try and taste its flavor to understand its unique difference.