1. Homogeneity

Every choosy observer loving pure beaty will be struck by the optical effect of homogeneity of our lemons. Their form known as “sfusata” in Italian, together with their uniform color and a fine grain outside, make them very elegant.

2. Scent

Words and ideas are questionable concepts, it’s true. However, it’s certain that the scent of these lemons is able to affect your senses. A tangible proof of this concept is the aroma it emanates when you divide it into two halves. That’s something that definitely goes beyond the words. There’s no doubts that it’s lemon scent, yet uniquely special and different from what you commonly know as “lemon”.

3. Seedless

Our lemon is seedless! The juice yield is certified by 43 percent, its pleasant aroma and taste differ from similar products, as well as its preservability that is extended in time without altering its organoleptic qualities.